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Here is What Our Clients Say...
Anyone can SAY that they do a great job... It MEANS something when a CUSTOMER says it...

"... You can generally count the "go-to" firms on one hand during a difficult recruitment process.  ARC Staffing is on that list for me…" 

- Human Resources Manager, $2.5B healthcare products company

"...with ARC, we have exceeded our expectations... [ARC] stands out as a best-in-class supplier of services in an extremely demanding environment... a strategic weapon in our arsenal."

- President, $900M industrial distributor

"... recruits quality candidates by intuitively keeping in mind both the candidates needs as well as my own... [his] extra effort was above and beyond what I’ve seen with other search firms...ARC has become one of my secret weapons in the highly-competitive hi-tech industry."

- VP of Professional Services, $5M security software co.

"...I appreciate ARC's ability to quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively respond to our recruiting needs.  Your reliability and diligent follow-up...demonstrate your solid grasp of the projected and targeted marketplace.  You and your team simply bring home results in a very cost-effective manner."

- VP of Administration, $2.5B healthcare products co.

"There were times when even we weren't sure what we wanted but you quickly grasped the essence and then recruited the 'best available athlete' for the spot --- all this in a tough marketplace.   And when we did know what we were looking for, it was as if you practically read my mind for an ideal candidate."

- VP Human Resources, $100M food-handling equipment co.

"Doing business with ARC eases the burden from us so we can concentrate on other projects without constant follow-up."

- Human Resources Director, $1.5B wholesale consumer products co.

"...You listened!  Not just to me, but you listened to what our company was all about... You spent time listening to our President... You absorbed who we were, are and want to be.  You have been able to combine your skill with people and an understanding of our culture to achieve successful results."

- VP of Special Project, $900M industrial distributor

"... I had never seriously talked to a recruiter before.  Yet somehow you got my attention and helped me to see the potential in a little private company I had never heard of, located in a place I knew I didn’t want to live.  I have to thank you for doing your job so well... I never imagined I would be part of something so exciting or be having so much fun... You have been one of the most important members of my team... you are a big part of my success!"

- SVP of Marketing, $300M industrial distributor
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